The creation of this school has given a sign of relief to the people of Bonaberi in terms of good and standard education. In fact we have placed a standard in which if your child pass through, you will never regrate to have been part of it. We have ultra modern studying apparatus in all fields of study including science and technology. Memory Bilingual Schools was created in August 30, 1995.

Hand in Hand for a Better Future.kkk The success of these distinguished schools led to the creation of the Memory Bilingual Comprehensive Secondary College (MEBICOSS), which is presently training forms 1-5 and will proudly be graduating her first class this academic year 2016/2017. MEBICOSS is an authentic school recognized by MINESE, authorization no. 308/14 of 03/09/2014.

Thanks We are particularly grateful to : SMS Improve for the Quality Management system as well as Mr. Jacques Ndeby (AB certification Sub-Saharan Africa SA) a former parents student of Saint- Joseph School of Narbonne in France, who has allowed us to put MEBICOSS into a new dynamic by developing the different projects. Thanks also to all the friends of the children not mentioned on this page. To you all, thank you Very Respectfully Mr John Z. MUMA



The purpose of this school is defined in it mission statement:Memory Bilingual Schools will be a dynamic agent of change, promoting civil society


In it vision statement; the school describes what it will become:To train Cameroonian youths as to enable them get adapted to all areas of human endeavors.


The values statement defines the values that are held in common by members of the community and which inform the mission and vision statements.